Corey Rosen Schwartz
Corey Rosen Schwartz

It takes a team to build a tree house—but what if that team includes one very bossy moose?

When Fox, Toad, Bear, Porcupine, and Skunk set out to build a tree house, they know just what to do: they’ll follow a plan and they’ll work as a team. But when bossy Moose barges in and upends their plans with some of his own, his friends become more and more frustrated…until things go hilariously awry!

This lively rhyming picture book is pure, bouncy fun even as it imparts a subtle lesson about teamwork. Young readers will love to chant along: “But what about you, Moose!”

What About Moose?

Author Corey Rosen Schwartz & Rebecca J. Gomez

Illustrator Keika Yamaguchi

Atheneum Books for Young Readers

ISBN-10: 1481404962

ISBN-13: 978-1481404969


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  1. Schwartz and Gomez have crafted a pleasant tale in rhyming couplets about working together, pitching in, and planning ahead. The illustrations are colorful and full of activity as animals clad in work clothes tote tool boxes, measure, lift beams, nail, caulk, drill, and construct. The almost perfectly round Toad alone, clad in pink overalls and safety goggles, with a tiny yellow hard hat perched atop, is practically worth the price of admission. Gentle humor successfully communicates the importance of teamwork to young readers."

      —Kirkus Reviews

  1. A rhyming, playful story.... The colorful images are soft and playful, with craftily illustrated angst-ridden faces of the forest animals.... many potentially unfamiliar words, but this offers a great opportunity to build some early literacy skills, along with the singsong rhyming text. VERDICT The life lesson of sharing and being polite are important ones, making this story a good read for most children." —School Library Journal

  1. Kids will love reading this one aloud or hearing an adult read it to them. It's easy and fun 'cause the rhyme's so well-done. And when Moose faces his inevitable come-uppance, everyone will happily agree, Yeah, he had it coming! "What About Moose?" will be fun for all.  —National Book Examiner

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